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Frequently asked questions

How to make a replacement remote?


To perform one remote control transmitter which includes two factors.

RF Signal codes and Frequency channel.

At the best, frequency wave should fine tune/optimize according to it signals.


There are 3 main methods.

  • Produce 100% same function remote from factory.

This method need to know how the original remote generates its signals.

Factory can optimize this remote performance like original or better.


  • Face to face copy duplicator.

For fix code remote, this remote copy the signal or with frequency both.

For rolling code model, factory needs to pre-program the signal and frequency at its memory.

  • Copy the original remote with a machine.

The machine will be a signal duplicator and a frequency calculator.

Via the machine, distributor can choose what signal and frequency for the remote.

Of course, the machine needs to store all information on its memory.


There is no the best method for a replacement remote.

It’s according to user habits, develop cost and how the sale channel usual do.

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