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Joystick Wirless Control TX-SL013 & TX-SL008E

  • TX-SL013 for plastic housing searchligt

  • TX-SL008E for aluminun alloy housing searchlight

  • Multi-models for different function

  • User doesn't need to install control wires, to connect DC power only.

Programming with searchlight method

*You can ignore this unless adding/replacing

   a new Remote / Wireless Joystick

1. Unplug/Disconnect/Switch off Seachlight DC Power.

    Wireless Joystick is always stay Power on

2. Make sure there is NO transmitter operating around.

3. Plug in/connect/Switch on Searchlight DC Power then

-Press Remote upper ▲ and down ▼button of   HANDHELD WIRELESS REMOTE  at the same time

-Press Programming button on rear side of WIRELESS JOYSTICK.

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