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Model RRC078A

Univeral Remote Control Face to Face Duplicator



  • Universal Duplicator for Fix code remote
  • Face to Face Auto copy
  • RF 250 Mhz ~450 MHz
  • Each button is independent to accept different code and frequency.


Programming Instructions                                                   


Read instructions FULLY before commencing.

  • Each button on the RRC078A can learn a different code.

  • Do not remove the cover of the RRC078A while in learning mode.

  • Buttons can be cleared of codes or reprogrammed as necessary.

  • The RRC078A is not compatible with Rolling Code or Code Hopping remotes.

  • If any button is pressed more than 10 times consecutively while learning the RRC078A will exit learning mode automatically.



1.  Press and hold buttons (1) and (2) on the RRC078A for approx 5 seconds then release. The LED on the RRC078A should flash 3 times fast then 2 slow.  The RRC078A is now in learning mode.

2. Place your original remote and the RRC078A within 5 cm of each other.  Press and hold the button you want to learn on your remote.  Now press and hold the button you want to save this code to until the LED on the RRC078A stops flashing.  The code has now been saved.

     (Repeat step 2 to save the other codes to the other buttons.)

3.  To exit learn mode press buttons (1) and (2) on the LA-8992 at the same time, the led should flash once to confirm exit.

4.  To clear a code from the RRC078A follow step (1) then press the button to be cleared then follow step (3).



To change the battery, unscrew and remove the rear panel and replace battery with 12v A23 type only,

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