Allremote Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative and professional company that specializes in wireless RF application products design and supply. The company brings together the expertise of technical personnel and administration staff to form a unique force in its field of operation . With fast business growth, continuous progress and new product development, Allremote Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. has become a leading supplier of replacement remote duplicator, wireless RF products for OEM/ODMs and end-users who seek to wireless their applications quickly and cost effectively. 

Our products range covering Remote searching light, Remote duplicator, Remote Garage opener, and wireless RF locators. Owing to the success of HID (Xenon bulb) searchlight, we are actively  developing HID application and advanced LED products.Allremote Wireless Technology Co., Ltd continually innovates to deliver new products to meet the increasing market requirement and committs to hold on the leading position on remote control and LED light fields. 


Application Photo
220S on Netherlands police Car
Model 971 on train
Model 970 on Japanese train
Model 220S LED Searchlight
Wheeled Armored Vehicle 8x8
Multi-Purpose Tactical Vehicle
Model 310 Halogen Seachlight
Halogen Searchlight Model950
Marine Searchlight model 962
Wired control marine searchlight
Model 950 Remote Control Searchlight
Halogen Lamp Model 950 on Tow truck
Halogen Lamp Model 950 on Tow truck
Xenon Lamp (HID) model 981
Model 970 Xenon searchlight on Train
France firefighting trcuk
Model 970 on armored vehicle
Model 970 Xenon lamp for ambulance
Model 970 on Police car
France firefighting trcuk
Model 971 Xenon lamp for ambulance
Model 970 on Crane Truck
Model 970 on Crane Truck
Model 140 Halogen Searchlight
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