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Remote Control Products

Model SRCA12B

Wireless Remote Control Kit

for Windlass and Thruster 




  • For Windlass and Thrust
  • Handheld & Dashmount two transmitters
  • Waterproof housing
  • Function: 4 Channel Wireless Remote Control
  • RF 433.92 Mhz
  • Working temperarature: 0℃  to +70℃
  • Maximum control distance: 35M 
  • Lower battery power indication
Model RRC072A / D
Universal Remote Duplicator


  • Universal Duplicator for Fix code remote
  • Metal Housing
  • RF 433.92 Mhz RRC072A Frequency Fix 
  • RF 250~450MHz RRC072D Fequency Adjustable

Model RRC078A

Univeral Remote Control Face to Face Duplicator

  • Universal Duplicator for Fix code remote
  • Face to Face Auto copy
  • RF 250 Mhz ~450 MHz
  • Each button is independent to accept different code and frequency
Model SRC019E 
2 Channel Remote Control Kit


  • Universal Remote Control Application
  • RF 315 MHz / 433.92 Mhz  
  • Easy operation 
  • For DC 12V input.
  • CE approved
Model SRC001A
Marine lighting Remote Control Kit


  • For boarding your boat safely at night by allowing you to turn on any of your lights remotely.
  • Also, use as a convenience - turn on stereo, and TVs, etc.
  • Range of up to 35 Meters. Function: On/Off, or 2 minute timer
  • Comes with floatable transmitter (FOB)
  • Weatherproof receiver can be mounted anywhere.
OEM / ODM Customized Remote


  • Customized Remote or Replacement Remote
  • RF Frequency from 28MHz to 868 MHz
  • Fix code / Rolling code availabe
  • Garage door opener remote / Industrial remote 
  • CE / FCC approve available
  • Ability to build softeware / sardware for customer's demand 
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