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Model SRC001A 2 Channel

Marine Lighting Remote Control Kit



  • For boarding your boat safely at night by allowing you to turn on any of your lights remotely.
  • Also, use as a convenience - turn on stereo, and TVs, etc.
  • Range of up to 35 Meters. Function: On/Off, or 2 minute timer
  • Comes with floatable transmitter (FOB)
  • Weatherproof receiver can be mounted anywhere.

Specifications :


Left (on/off) button:              

It is (on/off) button.

Push the button to switch on, and push again will be off.


Right (timer) button:               

It is timer button.

Push the button to switch on the device for two minutes operating.

And then when the time’s up the unit switches off automatically.


 User may stop operating when the device in 2 minutes operating or push the on/off button once again.



*****NOTICE *****

  • Receiver maximum Loading: 15 AMP

  • The device can not put in / or seal up the metal box, under this situation. It might shorten  

    the distance in interfering environment.


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