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 Allremote Searchlight General Programming Instruction


    A.Before programming:

    *User should check batteries status is full or poor.

      Handheld remote use 23A battery ; Wireless joystick use DC power from user own DC power.








   *Only transmitter replaced or repaired need to be programmed.

      Factory default is programmed.

   *Make sure there is no any RF wireless devices operating nearby to avoid interface.




       Step1 : Disconnect or switch off searchlight DC power.

       Step2 : Reconnect or switch on searchlight DC power.

                     Within 5 seconds,

                     Press up and down button (handheld remote) or programming button (wireless joystick) 

                    *Note:Unlike Searchlight its self, wireless joystick has to keep power on during programming.


       -----------Searchlight will bright 1~4 times when transmitter acknowledged-------------


       Step3 : Leave searchlight alone to close programming or program 2nd transmitter within next 5 seconds.


       *One searchlight accepts 4 transmitters at most. 5th will replace the 1st one position.

       Step1 :

       Step2 :

Two remotes programming

Single remote programming

Application Photo
220S on Netherlands police Car
Model 971 on train
Model 970 on Japanese train
Model 220S LED Searchlight
Wheeled Armored Vehicle 8x8
Multi-Purpose Tactical Vehicle
Model 310 Halogen Seachlight
Halogen Searchlight Model950
Marine Searchlight model 962
Wired control marine searchlight
Model 950 Remote Control Searchlight
Halogen Lamp Model 950 on Tow truck
Halogen Lamp Model 950 on Tow truck
Xenon Lamp (HID) model 981
Model 970 Xenon searchlight on Train
France firefighting trcuk
Model 970 on armored vehicle
Model 970 Xenon lamp for ambulance
Model 970 on Police car
France firefighting trcuk
Model 971 Xenon lamp for ambulance
Model 970 on Crane Truck
Model 970 on Crane Truck
Model 140 Halogen Searchlight
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