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 Allremote Searchlight General Programming Instruction


    A.Before programming:

    *User should check batteries status is full or poor.

      Handheld remote use 23A battery ; Wireless joystick use DC power from user own DC power.









    *Only transmitter replaced or repaired need to be programmed.

      Factory default is programmed.

   *Make sure there is no any RF wireless devices operating nearby to avoid interface.




​       (Note : keep 50cm distance between remote and searchlight when you proceed programming)

       Step1 : Disconnect or switch off searchlight DC power.

       Step2 : Reconnect or switch on searchlight DC power.

                     Within 5 seconds,

                     Press up and down button (handheld remote) or programming button (wireless joystick) 

                    *Note:Unlike Searchlight its self, wireless joystick has to keep power on during programming.


       -----------Searchlight will bright 1~4 times when transmitter acknowledged-------------


       Step3 : Leave searchlight alone to close programming or program 2nd transmitter within next 5 seconds.


       *One searchlight accepts 4 transmitters at most. 5th will replace the 1st one position.

       Step1 :

       Step2 :

Single remote programming

Two remotes programming

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