• 10pcs LED with reflector optics

  • Peak Beam Intensity: 350,000 Candelas

  • Spot with 8 Degree Beam

  • 135º tilt X 360 º continuous rotation

  • Weatherproof  Plastic Housing with cover

  • Durable Integrated Motor

  • Black / White Color

  • DC 12V & DC 24V Both

  • Wired & Wireless remote control 

  • Automatically return to home position when searchlight is switched off.

  • FCC , EN60945 Certificated

Model 970SL Specifications:

  • Housing : 

Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA) plastic resin

135° Tilt x 360° Unlimited Continuous Rotation

Weather Resistance : ANTI-UV / ANTI-SALT / IP66

Operating Temperature Range: -30℃ ~ +70℃

Color : White / Black

          Size : 242(L)x215(W)X201(H)mm

          Mount type : Permanent (Portable magnetic shoe optional )

          Weight : 2.5Kgs (5.4lbs)

  • Lamp : 

LED  x 10PCS

Watts: 50W

Current consumption : 13.8V  4.0A (MAX) / 28.0V   2.0A (MAX)

Color Temperature: 5000K

Beam Pattern : Spot with 8 Degree Beam

Luminous intensity: 350000 Candle Power

Beam distance: 1183M

IP 68 Compliant

Aluminum Housing as Heat Sink

Reflector optics


970SL Searchlight Black Color
970SL Searchlight White Color
970SL Searchlight White Color
970SL Searchlight White Color
Application Photo
220S on Netherlands police Car
Model 971 on train
Model 970 on Japanese train
Model 220S LED Searchlight
Wheeled Armored Vehicle 8x8
Multi-Purpose Tactical Vehicle
Model 310 Halogen Seachlight
Halogen Searchlight Model950
Marine Searchlight model 962
Wired control marine searchlight
Model 950 Remote Control Searchlight
Halogen Lamp Model 950 on Tow truck
Halogen Lamp Model 950 on Tow truck
Xenon Lamp (HID) model 981
Model 970 Xenon searchlight on Train
France firefighting trcuk
Model 970 on armored vehicle
Model 970 Xenon lamp for ambulance
Model 970 on Police car
France firefighting trcuk
Model 971 Xenon lamp for ambulance
Model 970 on Crane Truck
Model 970 on Crane Truck
Model 140 Halogen Searchlight
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Wheeled Armored Vehicle 8x8

Allremote HID/ Xenon lmap Wheeled Armored fighting Vehicle Model 970 support Armored Vehicle to complete its mission.

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